The Baldwin Trust Funding group. The “Donation Delights” section.

ttWe are very appreciative of our friends and supporters who ensure that the Trust can continue to provide an ever increasing level of active support to the communities around us. Recent high demand for our canal and River ways trips shows no sign of decreasing and the Trust is committed to expanding our fleet of boats and volunteers to meet the needs of an ageing population and declining Government expenditure on Social care.

Our volunteers make great personal efforts to give of their time and, in many cases, make donations of prizes and gifts for raffles, boat fairs and local events and even financial contributions to our funds.

To recognise all of these wonderful people, both our supporters and volunteers, the Trust has decided to record and publicise the kind gestures of these lovely people.

We are also well supported by a variety of charitable Trust and Foundations who have recently made contributions to our work. This follows the launch of our Put a foot in the water for the Baldwin Trust campaign in November 2017.

We intend to regularly publish a list of  “Donation delights” received by the Trust during the previous months on our Face book page and also on our web site to show our true appreciation. Without these donations and support the Trust would cease to exist and many isolated and excluded individuals would be less able to enjoy their time in the countryside.

We have some exciting news for you in the next few weeks so, please, watch out for the local press and our own sites for more news of “Donation Delights” from the Baldwin Trust!

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