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The following provides an overview of the features of Dandelion. For ease of reference, we have organised the list in alphabetical order. Dandelion has been re-modelled specifically for the purpose for which she is currently being used, namely the carriage of day passengers including those with mobility and various other challenges.

Our Boat Dandelion Cruising Along Leicestershire Canal Ways

Boat AccessAccess - Access to Dandelion is from the front of the boat by a fixed ramp. Access to the cabin is then either via a hydraulic platform lift (90cm [35inches] x 180cm [70 inches]). Please click here for our Access Policy.

AlcoholAlcohol – Please click here to access our FAQs and see the section on Alcohol.

Bow SeatingBow Area – The front of the boat has an open area.

HeatingHeating – Fixed heating is located throughout the boat.

KitchenKitchen Facilities – Dandelion has a fridge, gas hob and oven, and electric water heater, for the use of guests, together with cups, plates, and cutlery. Washing facilities and supplies are also available. Note the Trust does not provide any food or drink for the use of guests although bottled water is available at a nominal cost.

ParkingParking: There is no parking for Trust passengers at Barrow Boating. Street parking is available subject to a walk of between 5 and 10 minutes of Dandelion but we do ask that drivers park responsibly and respect the occupants of the homes outside which they are parking. For this reason, it is better for those with mobility challenges to book trips on Halseyon Days rather than Dandelion.

Passenger LimitPassenger Numbers: Dandelion is limited to a maximum of 12 passengers including carers; please cleck here for FAQs and specifically the section on maximum numbers.

SafetySafety: Life jackets are available and must be worn in certain circumstances – please click here for FAQs and see ‘Buoyancy Aids.’

No SmokingSmoking (including vaping) – Please click here to access our FAQs and see the section on Smoking/Vaping.

Audio SystemSound System – A sound system is available on the boat.

StorageStorage: There is a limited amount of storage for buggies and/or wheelchairs (for those who can transfer); please click here for FAQs and see Buggies and Wheelchair Storage.

ToiletToilet Facilities – A toilet is available for all guests and the toilet area can be easily adapted to privately accommodate wheelchair users and any person giving assistance. The WC area is fitted with handrails, assistance alarm, low height wash basin and privacy locks.

Dandelions Seating Saloon
Dandelion's Toilet



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