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By making a booking with the Baldwin Trust, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

Where the booking is made as a group, then the person making the booking must ensure that all passengers are aware of and agree with these terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions have been placed in alphabetical order to assist in locating appropriate items and are not therefore in any order of priority.

  1. Alcohol – Alcohol, in moderation, is allowed on the boat. However, the Trust does not take bookings for ‘booze cruises’, ‘hen parties’ or similar. Please also note the terms of item 18 (‘Rights of Refusal’).
  2. Arrival Times – Please arrive at the mooring approximately 15 minutes before your departure time. Late arrival will could result in the length of the trip being suitably reduced. Please see item 20 for non-arrival terms and conditions.
  3. Buggies (storage) – Limited storage is available for collapsible buggies; requests for such storage should be made at time of booking when confirmation will be given.
  4. Buoyancy Aids – All children and young people under the age of 18 must wear a buoyancy aid at all times when they are outside the confines of the cabin, especially when helping with the locks.
  5. Cancellations by the Baldwin Trust due to operational issues – The Baldwin Trust reserves the right to cancel your booking due to operational needs or due to other organisational requirements. Should this occur, we will provide you with as much advance notice as possible and the opportunity to rebook on another available date (see ‘Refunds’).
  6. Cancellation by the Baldwin Trust due to unforeseen circumstances – The Trust reserves the right to cancel the cruise, due to adverse weather conditions, high water, high winds, and other unforeseen circumstances. Should this occur, we will provide you with as much advance notice as possible and the opportunity to rebook on another available date (see ‘Refunds’).
  7. Change of vessel – It may be necessary for the Trust to change the vessel from that stated in the booking documentation; this will not affect passenger numbers or the experience.
  8. Children - Please note: Where passengers are children with carers, there is a statutory requirement of hire to provide 1 carer as the Nominated Person, to fulfil the legal requirement of the Trust’s “Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults Protocol “This person’s name is to be recorded on the “Skipper’s Daily Log” prior to departure. The hirer is required to ensure a ratio of -
  9. For 0 to 2 years - one adult to every 3 children

    For 3 to 3 years - one adult to every 4 children

    For 4 to 8 years - one adult to every 6 children

    For 9 to 12 years - one adult to every 8 children

    For 13 to 18 years - one adult to every 10 children

  10. Food and drink – Guests are welcome to bring food and drink onto the boats for their own consumption (note: other than water, the Trust does not provide any food or drink to its guests). There is a kettle, and fridge together with cups, plates and cutlery on the boats and these are all available for the use of guests. Our Dandelion boat has a gas hob and oven, and Halseyon Days boat has a microwave cooker.
  11. Footwear - Please ensure that all passengers wear suitable footwear; high heels are not acceptable. The Trust accepts no responsibility for any passenger not abiding by the above.
  12. Maximum Numbers - Our boats are licensed to carry a maximum of 12 passengers including carers. This number of 12 includes carers, children and babies under 12 months old. Please also note that wheelchair users who cannot transfer to a seat count as two passengers because of the space required.
  13. Medical Conditions – All boats can experience unpredictable movements that could aggravate existing medical conditions. You must inform us of any material fact including medical conditions or disabilities, which may affect the Trust’s decision to carry you as a passenger; this requirement includes but is not limited to epilepsy, dizzy spells, diabetes, angina or any other heart conditions and pregnancy.
  14. Medical Emergencies – In the event of a medical emergency, the Trust will always prioritise the needs of the patient. Other guests will be cared for and kept informed of the general situation following the emergency as best as we are able given this priority.
  15. Payments - Full payment for a trip must have been received by the Trust no later than four weeks before the date of the cruise.
  16. Pets – Other than as stated in the Trust’s Access policy, pets or animals of any nature are expressly prohibited on the boats.
  17. Photography and Video – From time to time the Trust will carry out photography and/or video recording on or in the vicinity of the boat and this may capture the images/words of visitors. By accepting these terms and conditions, unless specifically denied by the hirer, all passengers agree that the Baldwin trust or any authorised party may use such images in perpetuity in any promotional, advertising or publicity material in any format whatsoever. You also agree that copyright of these materials rests with the Baldwin Trust or such authorised party.
  18. Pub Meals – Subject to agreement at the time of booking, the Trust welcomes parties arranging their own meals at pubs along the river. It is a requirement of this term that confirmation of the pub booking has been secured at a time agreed with the Trust. This ensures that there is time to arrive, have the meal and return to the boat’s
  19. mooring within the agreed duration of the trip. (Note: this arrangement is only available on certain trips, dates and times (refer to our FAQ sheet for more detail)

  20. Rights of refusal – The Trust reserves the right to refuse access to a boat or to request a passenger leaves the boat if, in the opinion of the skipper, their safety or that of their fellow passengers and/or crew members is in danger or if they are seriously affecting the enjoyment of the other passengers. This statement includes, but is not limited to, such issues as using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour which has the potential to provoke a breach of the peace.
  21. Refunds (Client cancellation) – Providing that 48 hours’ notice is given of cancellation, in the first instance an alternative date/time for the trip will be agreed. Failing that, we will provide a voucher valid for 12 months from date of issue.
  22. Refunds (Client’s non arrival) – If you fail to turn up on the day of the trip then we cannot give a refund. We cannot give refunds purely because of a party’s failure to arrive. If your group does not arrive for a booked cruise the opportunity for this will be lost and no replacement date/cruise will be offered.
  23. Refunds (Trust cancellation) – If the Trust cancels the trip, then, if no alternative date and time for the trip can be agreed, either a voucher for use against a future trip will be given or failing that, a 100% refund given.
  24. Respect – The Trust requests that all passengers are respectful of its volunteers at all times.
  25. Routes – The Baldwin Trust reserves the right, where necessary, to deviate from the boat’s planned route. Please be aware that weather and river conditions will on occasion dictate delays or alterations to the planned route. Such issues may result in the trip being curtailed or running late.
  26. Safety equipment – our boats are fitted with the necessary safety equipment; the crew will inform passengers of how this equipment is to be used. It is a requirement of the booking that these instructions are always followed.
  27. Smoking and vaping – Smoking and/or vaping is not allowed anywhere on the Trust’s boats at any time.
  28. Wheelchair Users (Numbers) - A wheelchair passenger that cannot transfer counts as two people. The number of such persons must be disclosed at the point of booking.
  29. Wheelchair User Support - Please be aware that our crew are not trained, or insured, to physically assist service users, especially wheelchair occupants. The group or party hiring our narrow boat must have enough suitable assistants to perform these tasks. A crew member will monitor passengers getting on and off the lift.

Our skipper and crew look forward to welcoming you on board.

We wish you an enjoyable cruise.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Bookings Team on:
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